Why buy Shottys when I can make my own?
Do you make your pasta from scratch and milk your own cows? Neither do we. With Shottys, there’s no more buying ingredients the day before, making a mess in the kitchen and clearing out your fridge. Simply peel, squeeze and party™!
How much alcohol is in there?
Each cup is 50ml, which is a little less than 2 ounces. At 25 proof, it's approximately… who are we kidding, we're not good at math. It's just the right strength for your party.
What kind of alcohol does Shottys use?
We use 6 times distilled premium vodka. It is corn-based and very smooth. The rest is our secret recipe.
What flavors does Shottys offer?
Currently, we offer five flavors. Just enough to count on 1-2 hands. Friendly reminder not to drink and play with fireworks. We have strawberry, lemon, lime, orange and blue raspberry. Send us your flavor ideas and maybe we’ll turn them into reality and give you no credit. Deal?
How many shots come in the 8-pack?
Surprisingly, we hear this question a lot. Our 8-packs have 8 shots. Sometimes we forget to count and you may get 9 – consider it your lucky day. You can also buy individual Shottys at bars, nightclubs and your favorite watering hole. And yell at your bartender if they don’t carry Shottys.
Do I use my finger to get it out of the cup?
Only if you want to be flirty. But seriously, our cups are easy-to-squeeze and require no barware. Simply squeeze the bottom of the cup and open wide.
Should I refrigerate or freeze Shottys?
It’s best to keep Shottys stored chilled in a refrigerator or cooler with ice. A freezer also works for faster chilling. Please keep them away from children.
What happens if my shots become un-gelled?
You can throw the shots back in your fridge (or freezer for faster chilling) and they will re-gel like magic. Not dark magic. The good magic that unicorns use.
What else should I know about Shottys?
We aspire to be as green as our all-natural lime shots. Our cups are recyclable and BPA-free. We try to minimize packaging and waste to keep the party going on this planet for years to come. Send us your creative ways to reuse the Shottys cup and maybe we will feature you on IG: @shottys. Oh ya, and we proudly make Shottys in the USA.
Why doesn’t Shottys use the Oxford comma?
We’re too busy partying to care. Next question.
Are Shottys gluten-free?
Yes. Unless you put Shottys inside a donut. Brb, going to try it out.
Can we ship directly to you?
Wow, you made it this far. Congrats. Unfortunately we don't have a way to ship directly. Stay tuned and check out @Shottys on IG for more info.