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How Do You Eat A Jello Shot?

How Do You Eat A Jello Shot?

Ahh…the mystery everyone would like to know.  What are commonly referred to as jello shots are a combination of a gelatin mix plus your favorite alcohol. Whether you’re throwing a big fiesta, watching the game with your friends, or getting ready to party on a Friday night, gelatin shots are perfect for any occasion!

But as any party expert knows, gelatin shots aren’t exactly a liquid. So do you drink it like a typical shot? Do you chew it like gelatin? Do you just slurp it down? How exactly do you eat a jello shot?

While your technique may not be scored like an Olympic gymnast, you know your friends will never let you live it down if you make a fool of yourself. First course of action: identify your container. Second: choose your weapon of choice. Third: impress your friends and take over the world…oh wait, how did that get in there?

The easiest way to eat a homemade jello shot is to start by loosening the gelatin from its container. If it’s in a plastic cup, squeezing may do the trick. If that doesn’t work, or it’s in a firmer container, you’re going to have to get a little messy.  You have some options here. Choose wisely, young party hero.

Option 1: the finger (preferably not THAT finger unless you’re looking to get into a fight). Perfect for when you’re feeling flirty.  Warning – with no napkins in sight you’ll have to get creative figuring out how to wipe the mess off on your friend’s pants without them noticing.

Option 2: the spoon (aka the boring option). Yes, do that walk of shame to the kitchen to get your utensil.  We’ll wait.

Option 3: the tongue. Perfect for if you really want some party bonus points. BTW, anyone know where I can redeem a lifetime of bonus points?

Anyway, back to where we left off. Once the gelatin is loosened from the container,  open up wide! You can now enjoy your hard work. Some gelatin shots are messy, others a bit difficult, but your commitment to the gelatin pays off with a delicious shot. There’s no shame in leaving a little behind and going bobbing for that last little bit of deliciousness. Want in on a gelatin shot secret from the party experts? There’s a way to make gelatin shots easy to eat, no messes here! What’s this secret you might ask? Well, it’s Shottys’ gelatin shots, of course! With our patented squeezable technology, you’re sure to wow your friends with your flawless execution of popping your shots into your mouth. Look mom, no hands!

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